Bryan T. Berenson

Bryan trained for five years as a wood and stone sculptor apprentice in Austria. After his apprenticeship, he passed the wood and stone sculptor's exam, certifying him as a wood and stone sculptor. Nine years later, Bryan took master examination preparation courses over a two year time span in Austria. After the training, he passed the master sculptor's examination earning him the title Master Sculptor. This certified title is honored throughout Europe.

The services Bryan offers include: wood carving, stone carving, restoration, gilding, painting/finishing.

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German Fest

Watch Bryan transform a block of wood into a work of art, in the culture tent Handwerker area.

July 29-31st, 2016 - Henry W. Maier Festival Park - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Muller Fasching Verein's Tyrolean Performances

All the performers wear hand-carved wooden masks and each have their own style of costume featuring embroidered pants, lederhosen and colored burlap. Bryan is a member of the "Mullers" and many of his hand-carved masks are worn by the performers. For more information and schedule, please visit the Muller Fasching Verein's web site.